Yangyu Chen


Education | 教育

Experience | 经历

Competitive Programming | 竞技编程(算法竞赛)

My Competitive Programming Experience starts from High School. I learned some Algorithms and Data Structures. Finally, I got Silver Medal in The 2019 ICPC Asia EC-Final.


Only selected prize appear here. | 只有被选择的奖项在这里展示。

Remark: ICPC was known as ACM-ICPC previously. | 备注:ICPC之前被称为ACM-ICPC,也就是俗称的ACM竞赛。

Capture The Flag | CTF

Knows a little about Web Security, Reverse, Crypto. | 对Web安全、逆向、加密算法有一定的了解。

The Mathematical Contest in Modeling | 数学建模

Thanks to my Algorithm Skills, I also attend the CUMCM - 2020 and got the first Prize.


Internship | 实习

Project | 项目

Only selected projects appear here. | 只展示被选择的一部分。